Other Types of Loans & Mortgages


A short term loan typically 1 day to 12 months used to 'bridge' the period between two transactions such as the purchase of a property prior to the sale of another . Also suitable where urgent capital is required whilst a sale of the asset proceeds. Click HERE for further information about bridging loans.


Similar to a residential mortgage only the security is a commercial premises .The term 'commercial' is broad and could include office space/industrial units or land on which commercial activities take place. In some cases property may be described as SEMI COMMERCIAL this includes property with both a commercial and residential use.


Sometimes referred to as a second charge. Typically secured on property where a mortgage already exists this amounts to a 'second mortgage' and grants the lender the right ,in the event of default, to seek possesion of the security to recover monies owed unlike an unsecured loan where no specific surety is offered. A secured loan may often be sought where the amount/term required are not available unsecured OR where a clients status is not strong enough to justify a lender lending otherwise.

Bridging Loans, Commercial Loans and secured loans are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.